Coaches, support specialists, sponsors, mentors, peers – they often go by these and many other names. While they may all have differing styles, opinions, backgrounds and levels of expertise, they’re all here to help.

Recovery coaches are not meant to replace therapists or other treatment professionals. Instead, they are an added bonus to the mix post-treatment, alongside clinicians or as ongoing assistance to help establish long-term stability. Since there are many things that we may be recovering from, it does not mean that treatment is always necessary. Sometimes a coach is the perfect solution as a stand-alone service.

Whatever your situation is, we’re sure there is a coach out there who can help.

Judgment-Free Zone

We’re sorry to say it, but no matter how successful any single approach may be, it can’t be a good fit for everyone. Therefore, we provide a judgment-free space for people to share their recovery coaching services, strategies and techniques so that others have more choices and opportunities to find the right person or method that will work for them.

Coaching Training and Certifications

Here are some of the organizations and boards out there that provide different types of certifications for coaches. While having a certification is not required to be a good coach, it usually does help ensure there is a more formal type of credential oversight and experience.

CCAR Centerd for Addiction Recovery Training

She Recovers Coach Designation

Recovery Coaches International

The Addictions Academy Recovery Coach Training

NAADAC National Peer Recovery Support Specialist